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General conditions for renting a car at “Eko rent a car”:

1.„Eko rent a car” rents a vehicle specified in the Agreement to the other Contracting Party for the period I under the conditions specified in the Agreement.
2.By signing the Agreement, the user confirms that the vehicle has been taken over in proper condition and with fuel, unless otherwise stated in the Agreement.
3.The User undertakes to pay for the fuel consumed during the rent as well as the service of refueling.
4.The User undertakes to return the vehicle with all its associated equipment and documents with which it has taken over the vehicle.
5.The customer will return the vehicle on the agreed date or earlier upon request of „Eko rent a car“. In case he wants to extend the rent, the user will seek the consent of "Eko rent a car" at least 24 hours before the expiration of the agreed eye and at the same time is obliged to pay an additional deposit.
6.The vehicle may only be operated by a user or a person specified in this Agreement as another driver, provided that he or she possesses the necessary qualifications and documents.
7.Vehicle must not be used:   
a.For towing other vehicles,   
b.For racing and sports competitions,    
c.If the user is under the influence of alcohol, narcotics and other opiates    
d.If it carries more passengers than is allowed by the technical documentation for that type of vehicle,    
e.For the transport of animals, highly flammable and explosive materials, odorless materials or other materials that can in any way damage the interior + axle of the vehicle.
8.The User may not assign these rights to another person, nor may he alienate (sell, donate…) the vehicle or parts and accessories of the vehicle.
9.The user will not cross the border of Serbia without the approval of "Eko rent a car".
10.If the user exceeds the agreed deadline for returning the vehicle with the consent of “Eko rent a car”, the vehicle will be considered stolen and “Eko rent a car” will be notified to the MUP authorities. In this case, the user will bear material and moral responsibility.
11.The customer is obliged to take care of the technical safety of the vehicle during the rent, to check the coolant and oil regularly, and if necessary to change the oil. The costs incurred by the beneficiary with these actions may be recognized if the consent of “Eko rent a car” has been obtained in advance, and on the basis of the invoices attached. The customer is responsible for any damage caused by improper maintenance in improper maintenance and improper operation of the vehicle.
12.The user is responsible for any damage to the vehicle caused by using the vehicle off the marked roads and the like. The customer will be charged for the towing cost of the vehicle, the cost of impairment and loss of revenue on that basis during repair. The Customer will bear the costs that may be incurred by “Eko rent a car” towards third parties, which are caused by the improper use of the vehicle by the user and handling which is not in accordance with the Agreement.
13.The customer is responsible for damages to the vehicle during the rental period caused by the user or a third party, in case he gave false information about himself, his address or driving documents during the rental. In the event of damage to third parties, the user will bear all costs that “Eko rent a car” may incur on this basis.
14.The User undertakes to lock the vehicle at the time when it is not in use, to activate the alarm and carry the keys and documents (traffic permit) with him. At the end of the rent, the user is obliged to return the keys and documents or to make up for the loss of the keys and documents.
15.The user relieves “Eko rent a car” of any responsibility for theft, damage or loss of property carried in the vehicle during the rent or upon the rental of the vehicle.
16.During the rent, the user will bear the costs of parking and garaging of the vehicle, fines for traffic violations, as well as other irregular expenses.
17.The user will not bear the cost of mechanical failures if he has taken all necessary measures to prevent these failures.
18.„Eko rent a car“ does not bear the consequences caused by the failure of the vehicle during the rental period.
19.In case of damage to seals, malfunctions on the odometer or the vehicle, the user is obliged to suspend driving and to inform “Eko rent a car” from whom he will receive instructions for further action, which must be followed.
20.The User undertakes to pay all costs under this Agreement within the legal deadline.
21.The vehicle is insured on the basis of:
a) comprehensive insurance and b) auto liability.
22.If the vehicle has been used in accordance with this Agreement, the liability of the beneficiary is the limited amount of franchise that is normally contracted in the comprehensive insurance policy by the first-class insurer in the territory of Serbia. For this type of vehicle
23.The user undertakes to protect the interests of "Eko rent a car" in the event of an accident by doing so:    
a.Record the names and addresses of participants and witnesses    
b.Secure and remove the vehicle to a safe place before leaving the vehicle    
c.Notify "Eko rent a car" and submit a written damage report    
d.Call and wait for the traffic police to do an official damage report    
e.If the user fails to take the measures mentioned in the previous paragraph, he will be responsible for any consequences that “Eko rent a ca” may have due to such failure.
24.The official price list of "Eko rent a car" in force at the time of the conclusion of this contract is an integral part of the Agreement.
25.Changes to the provisions of this Agreement are possible only with the written consent of both parties to the Agreement.

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